HICA emphasizes on educating the consumer pertaining to safety, health and welfare, while dealing with and using Home Insecticides products for achieving safe home environs for pest free/disease free living.

Household pesticides products business comprises of RS.12500 crores annually. The products manufactured and marketed include mosquito coils, liquid repellants, vaporizers, aerosols, etc. for household usage.

These products are used mainly to combat nuisance of many insect species ie. mosquitoes, cockroaches, houseflies, etc. Mosquitoes and other insects pose greater challenges as they act as vectors of many diseases like malaria, filarial, dengue, chikungunya. During outbreak of such diseases household insecticides become the mainstay for protection. These home insecticides play a ‘lifesaving role during deadly epidemics’.

Considering the importance of household products as an intervention tool for many fatal and debilitating diseases, it requires a priority attention to facilitate product registration process, bringing innovative , safe, and affordable products to the Indian consumers.

What We Do

HICA is a premier organization established to give impetus to the domestic Home Insecticides sector, to facilitate the members

of the Association for the overall safety of the environment and to educate the public about the healthy and proper use
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How mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies

New research suggests that mosquitoes track down something to bite using a sequence of three cues: smell, then sight, and finally heat.
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